Individual Consultation

Consultation is an integral part and requirement for EMDR training and and accreditation and allows EMDR therapists to both embed new skills into their clinical practice and to extend their knowledge to become highly proficient in EMDR Therapy. Mentoring and supporting therapists o become proficient in standard protocol and then learning ways to use EMDR with an attachment informed focus, an understanding of ego states/parts,  polyvagal theory  and how these modalities complement each other to treat the more complex client group. Supporting EMDR therapists with the use of other protocols and working with children and adolescents as well as adults.

Individual consultation allows EMDR therapists to complete the requirements for status as an EMDRAA Accredited Practitioner or Consultant. Individual consultation also can be counted toward requirements for EMDRAA membership.

The Individual online EMDR Consultations go for 55 mins at a rate of $205.00 (Including GST).

EMDR Group Consultation

These 2-hour group consultations are suited for EMDR therapists who have completed Basic EMDR Training (Part I and Part II workshops and 10 hours of consultation)  Groups are a maximum of 4 professionals and meet the EMDRAA requirements for consultation towards membership, Accredited practitioner or Accredited Consultant.

In EMDR consultation we can focus on:

  • Case conceptualisation using the Adaptive Information Processing theory and other important adjunctive theories specifically of complex presentations.
  • Accreditation requirements
  • Understanding adaptations of the standard EMDR protocols for working with specific client groups and various presenting issues.
  • Knowledge of other protocols
  • Recognising, understanding and healing defences- parts work
  • Integration of polvyagal, attachment informed, advanced ego states, imagery rescripting and dissociation across the developmental life span
  • Intergenerational trauma and Collective trauma
  • Attachment informed and Intergenerational EMDR
  • Dreamwork
  • EMDR with children and adolescents

The groups offer a unique learning environment, support, and connection with like-minded, passionate peers.

The Accredited focused EMDR group consultation for 4 individual professionals is $165.00 (Including GST) per person for the 2-hour online session.

Individual Clinical Supervision

Supervision is a space to reflect on professional development, cultural, ethical and diversity and challenges we face as Clinicians in this space. To explore the therapies, we are using and the theories behind those therapies. Exploring individual cases, reflection of self-in-process and exploring your needs in supervision with curiosity and compassion. Holding stories lightly and non-judgmentally.

Trauma-focused, case conceptualisation, EMDR, attachment theories, Resource Therapy (advanced ego states) and other parts work are all integrated with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT) and Polyvagal theory to inform and guide Michele in her practice working in Complex Trauma.

If you are interested in Clinical Supervision please contact Michele.

The Individual online Clinical Supervision  go for 55 mins at a rate of $190.00 (including GST).

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