Michele is an Accredited EMDR Consultant with EMDRAA & EMDRIA , Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Clinical Resource Therapy Trainer, EMDR Trainer and partner in a private practice in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Seva House Therapeutic Services. Micheles Training website where you can find information on training she provides http://www.sevatraining.com.au

Michele works in a relational and depth-oriented method that incorporates an exploration of ancestral stories passing through generations. Acknowledging, Validating and Respecting the parts of her clients and her own parts.  Prioritising the heart and soul aspects in her work, valuing individuals beyond mere symptoms and emphasising an embodied approach.

She is passionate about working with trauma and loves the therapeutic work involved in that relationship. She has a strong passion for learning and upskilling, to always be informed to provide the best practice possible. This passion spills over into her love of providing Consultation and Clinical Supervision both individually and group to other professionals.

Michele works extensively with children, young people and adults who have experienced complex trauma such as sexual abuse, domestic/family violence, addiction, personality disorders and mental health issues. Michele also works with young people who have caused harm to others. Therapies that Michele uses predominately in her work are EMDR, Resource Therapy (Advanced Ego States), Somatic Psychology, Polyvagal Theory, Imagery Rescripting,  Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), Mindfulness, and ACT.  Her practice comes from a non-judgemental respectful stance practicing mindfulness both within and outside of her work.

As an EMDR Therapist Michele’s love of EMDR and her first-hand knowledge and observation of its life changing results in her clients healing led her onto the journey of becoming an Accredited EMDR Consultant. Michele’s love of her work as an EMDR and Resource Therapy (Advanced Parts Work) therapist/trainer inspires her to share her love of EMDR and RT and to encourage and guide therapists to all the opportunities and benefits that EMDR therapy and RT can provide.

Michele also a Somatic Integration and Processing (SIP) Practitioner which is an interpersonal neurobiology conceptualisation tool that uses adaptive information processing and nervous system focused conceptual frameworks to understand what is happening for their clients and themselves. Understanding that the therapist also needs to be aware of their parts and care for them as well as their clients’ parts.

Integrating all these modalities for many years and facilitating EMDR in a Fishbowl with her colleague Amy English led Michele alongside Amy to develop Relational Integrative EMDR.           (RI-EMDR) .  Integrating Attachment Informed EMDR, RT, Imagery Rescripting, Somatic/Polyvagal work and SIP) to form a holistic comprehensive model working with complex trauma.

When not working Michele just loves to spend time with her dogs and family and friends. Sitting on her deck reading and watching the local wildlife, listening to good music and watching the odd game of Cricket and Soccer. Travelling to isolated islands to snorkel when the opportunity allows and eating good local food.

Qualifications and Professional Associations

Bachelor of Social Work (Charles Sturt University)
Master of Social Work Advanced Practice (Charles Sturt University)
Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (Australian Association of Social Workers)
Accredited EMDR Consultant (EMDR Association of Australia)
EMDR Consultant (EMDRIA – EMDR International Association)
Clinical Resource Therapy Trainer – Resource Therapist International
EMDR Trainer
Member of the Trauma Recovery Network


Interview with Tracy Lynch on Understanding EMDR podcast with Colleague Amy English about EMDR in a Fishbowl https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/emdr-in-a-fish-bowl/id1680387875?i=1000611191438

Interview with Yasmine McKee-Wright on Social Work Spotlight https://open.spotify.com/episode/5tgXjdAmKMqP8oDlVUcUK5?si=Uy6-3UjmTr6PVgwTmsuuww

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